At MAGNA LAW CHAMBERS we offer the convenience of a modern service by providing ONLINE LEGAL ADVICE and CONSULTATION to our clients. We have been driven to do this by the desire to provide our clients with an alternative to coming in to our offices on a constant basis. This method has been proven to be more cost effective and indeed more hassle-free. Secure client-attorney communications, legally sound advice and responses to questions posed, sharing of confidential documents and client information are all facilitated by our Chamber Attorneys.

The partners at MAGNA LAW CHAMBERS operate as a team to ensure a high level of client care, expeditious handling of matters and clear communication. We aim to keep our clients updated on developments in their cases, talking them through the various options at each stage and their costs implications.

The Team is comprised of intellectual thinkers who always have the client’s best interest at heart and would seek to employ mechanisms to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively in an effort to avoid costly litigation.

One of the key aims of our Chambers is to be accommodating, so that we sometimes facilitate home visits/ hospital visits (as necessary), depending on our schedule and are very flexible with respect to our working days and hours.